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Water…the essence of life as we know it.

Next to the air we breathe, water is the most important substance we will ever put into our bodies.

Approximately 75% of our body weight is water and it makes up over 80% of our brain and 90% of our blood.

Clean water has been reported to reduce the risk of certain cancers, boost mental performance, help the body recover from injuries, and aid detoxification of our cells.

However, clean water is a diminishing resource. The chemical contaminants in our water supplies, including the chlorine used to disinfect them, are now strongly associated with an increased risk of contracting certain types of cancers, diseases, and acceleration of the ageing process. In addition, the world is facing an unprecedented water crisis and there has never been a more important time to ensure that your family has a safe supply of clean water.

History – A pursuit of wellness yields the ultimate water

30 years ago Harusuke Naito left Japan to attend the State University of New York. After four years of study, and having won an NCAA national swimming championship, he returned to Japan to coach their national swimming team. Haru became interested in the emerging science of sports medicine. He became actively involved in health and performance research programs and was an early proponent of ‘muscle memory’ training.

Haru’s other fascination was the health and vitality of certain peoples, such as the Hunza of Pakistan, in geographically diverse parts of the world. He wondered how these groups enjoyed healthier and longer lives than people living in other regions. After extensive work, Haru determined that the common element was a proximity to naturally occurring mountain water sources that were of delicate and exquisite composition.

Wanting to provide similar benefits to his athletes in Japan, Haru sought to devise a water purification system which embodied all of the key components found in the naturally occurring mountain spring waters. Over the years Haru’s system evolved. He carefully blended the natural processes with scientific research, in order to create the ultimate water purifier. The result was the Wellness Filter.

Reports of health benefits from using the Wellness Filter began to circulate throughout Japan. The Japanese Ministry of Health took interest and conducted rigorous tests, resulting in their unprecedented endorsement of the filter.