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Drinking Water at the Right Time

Find out when is the best time in the day to drink water for maximum benefits for your body.


Did you know that drinking water could be a lifesaver? Pure, clean drinking water does so much to keep your body running smoothly. Find out how to staying hydrated helps protect your health…

Want to drink more water to benefit your health? Here are 8 times your body needs drinking water most.


1. Drink Water When You First Get Up 

Imagine starting your car in sub-zero temperatures and putting it into gear without waiting for the engine to warm up. That’s a disaster waiting to happen. 

The same is true of the human body. Without water to wake up and turn on the body in the morning, you may be running on empty, especially if you skip breakfast.

A glass of cool water right after you wake up tells your body that it’s time to get going. Like a gently flowing stream that pushes along debris and rocks, your circulatory system needs fluid to get rid of stubborn free radicals and residue from burned calories used during the night’s metabolism.

Pro Tip: For best results, try not to eat anything until 30-40 minutes after drinking, as this is the time the body takes to steam-clean, hydrate, and energise the cells with new oxygen.

2. Drink Water Before a Meal

Drinking water before eating helps you feel fuller; that means you’ll be less likely to scarf your food down.

When you’re hydrated the stomach is also prepared for food; water wakes up taste buds and moisturises the stomach lining so brittle or acidic foods won’t be uncomfortable. Having a glass of water moistens the mouth and clears out leftover tastes from earlier food, drinks or smoking in anticipation of the coming meal or snack.

Pro Tip: Stopping for small sips during a meal slows down the speed at which you eat, causing you to eat less overall. Eating at a slower speed allows you to check in with your hunger signals, and usually makes a meal more enjoyable. And we all know enjoying what you eat is a big part of maintaining a balanced diet— and if we’re being real, a happy life.

3. Drink Water When You’re Hungry 

If you’re hungry between meals, pour yourself a tall glass of fresh drinking water first to see if you’re dehydrated. Sometimes people think they’re hungry when they’re really just thirsty.

Drinking water before a snack or with one will help you feel full faster, helping keep calorie intake in check. 

4. Drink Water Before a Workout 

Depending on the temperature, humidity and your body’s fluid levels, you may need one or several 250ml glasses of water to protect against dehydration during and after your workouts. 

Hydration is essential to guard against heat stroke in warm weather and frostbite in cold temperatures, as your body’s circulation plays a protective role in both extremes of temperature and needs water to function properly.

Pro Tip: Following vigorous exercise, you may need to drink several ounces of water to replenish vital fluids lost throughout your workout. The amount you’ll need depends on your weight, health, and whether you exercised in hot or humid conditions – especially for long periods – among other factors.

5. Drink Water After a Workout

Following vigorous exercise, you may need to drink a lot of water to replace fluids lost through perspiration and urination. The amount you’ll need depends on your weight, health and whether you exercised in hot or humid conditions – especially for long periods – among other factors.

Be sure not to drink too much water too quickly or you could bring on stomach cramps.

Pro Tip: It’s recommended to drink a few small sips (just enough to coat your mouth and throat) during your rest periods while exercising, in order to avoid over-drinking and diluting your body’s natural energy.

6. Drink Water When You’re Exposed to Germs

If you’re around sick people in the hospital or at work and school, drink a little more water than usual to help wash away germs and viruses that your body may have picked up. 

A well-hydrated body encourages bacterial and viral invaders to move along so they don’t settle in and multiply in your system. 

7. Drink More Water When You’re Ill

The advice your mom gave you still applies: When you’re sick, you need to drink plenty of fluids, including water, to get better. 

Drinking eight glasses of water daily (240ml per glass) is still a good goal for most people, but other fluids like tea, juice and soup count toward your total intake, too.

8. Drink Water When You’re Tired

Drinking a glass of water when you feel tired will help to power up your brain.  Since your brain consists of 75% water, drinking a glass or two when you’re feeling sleepy will help to replenish your noggin’s fluid levels, and increase cognitive functioning.  Drink a glass of water if you’re feeling tired at work, or if you have a big presentation coming up and need to focus. If you’re feeling the need for a nap but can’t take one, have a glass of water instead.

Pro Tip: Did you know that fatigue is one of the primary signs of dehydration? Because of its ability to move quickly throughout the body and directly to the brain, drinking water can give you the boost you need before a big meeting, or when you’re on deadline and you didn’t get as much shut-eye as you’d like. Natural caffeine? We’ll take it!

DON’T: Drink While Standing

Avoid drinking water while standing as it can have an adverse effect on your kidneys, and can even lead to arthritis. Sitting while drinking allows your body to better filter the nutrients and direct the water to specific areas that need nourishing, rather than going directly into your stomach with a force, as it does when standing. Also, we typically drink water a lot faster while standing, which brings your nerves into a state of tension. This is when problems like arthritis and joint damage can come into play, according to the experts.

Pro Tip: Drink your water slow and steady. Unnecessary gulping of huge amounts of water may lead to lack of oxygen in the wind and food pipe, which could potentially give rise to heart problems and lung issues.


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