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Drinking Water Filters

While all our filters remove common physical contaminants such as asbestos, dirt, rust, sediment, bacteria and cysts, our core focus is on your long-term health, which is why we have designed filters that specialise in the removal chemicals.

Many chemicals that are added to our water to prevent mass outbreaks of disease in the short-term are known to be harmful carcinogens in the long-term. Chemicals like chlorine, chloramine, pesticides and even trace pharmaceuticals that can cause immune system damage, increase oxidative stress and accelerate ageing and even affect our DNA.

“We think anyone who is fighting a health condition or who is seeking the maximum preventative healthcare should own of these amazing systems.”

Mr Brian Clement
Hippocrates Health Institute – Florida


And, while removing harmful contaminants and cancer causing chemicals provides a great foundation for long-term health, our water filters are world famous for something that takes our water quality to the next level.


Volcanic Energised ‘Wetter Water’

Our exclusive volcanic mineral water energisation process is a key feature of all our drinking water systems and it is this process, developed over decades of research and development, that makes our filtered water absolutely unique.

“[Wellness] filtered water showed 2.22 times more dissolved oil than tap water, has lower internal surface tension and acts as a surfactant… This quality of water is excellent and is like natural spring water.”

Mr K. Matsushita – Chief Scientist
Water Institute for Life and Natural Science – Japan

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