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Series 5

Over twenty years of experience in the science of water energisation has gone into producing the Series 5, our most popular drinking water filter ever.

The Wellness Filter started a water revolution in Japan almost two decades ago. Since then, hundreds of thousands of satisfied users and healthcare professionals have helped spread the word on this amazing system.

The newly redesigned Series 5 is the next evolution to the Wellness Filter. Improved flow dynamics and upgraded construction make the Series 5 the most effective, and attractive point of use system on the market today! Featuring a multiple stage, cartridge based filtration and enhancement process, the Series 5 utilises a natural carbon block combined with proprietary Wellness Enhancement Media cartridge specifically designed to allow the optimal contact time, the system produces a quality water and enhancement for the user that surpasses previous models.

You will forever appreciate the effect that Wellness Water has in the kitchen if you love the flavour of fine coffee gourmet cooking. Some of the world’s greatest restaurants use the Wellness Filter for that very reason.

“Since 1999 I have owned every Wellness Filter including the Wellness Home. The new Series 5 exceeds all filters that have come before. Every aspect has been improved – cartridges are so easy to change, the digital display is very clear, simple. But, it is the taste of the water that exceeds all expectations. Softer, wetter, sweeter. Simply outstanding.” – J. Brown – Sydney, Australia

The Series 5 is an ideal choice if you are seeking to replace or upgrade an existing filter and with new types of filtration media it means the Series 5 offers better filtration performance and even higher water quality than previous models.



Customised to meet your needs

Because everyone’s filtration needs are unique to their circumstances the Series 5 has a range of cartridge packs available to enable you to focus on the contaminants and water quality you want.

Choose from cartridges that retain or remove fluoride or produce water with a neutral balanced pH or a high alkaline pH.

When combined our unique volcanic mineral cartridge recreating nature’s own mountain spring process you will experience the finest quality, healthiest drinking water available.

Series 5 Products